Family Spirit

A friend once said that she loved my family spirit. Her statement made me think about a team and how the crowd cheers but no one in the crowd really knows the players. They have their faces painted, shirts with the teams name and cheer them on with dedication. Nobody is paying these people, instead … Continue reading Family Spirit


Know your worth and move forward

Sometimes in life you have to call it how you see it. There is no point in beating around the bush or pretending that you don't have feelings. If someone treats you with no respect and disregards your feelings when you express them,😯 it's time to take a stand. You can't change people but you … Continue reading Know your worth and move forward

Stay connected

Some people call it Networking. I call it staying connected. I have a contact list in my phone, facebook network, and a linkedin account. I try to communicate with all of my contacts twice a month. I mean what's the point of having a number or connection and not saying hello until you need something. … Continue reading Stay connected

Choose Well

Life is truly a manifestation of your choices. You can think long and hard before you decide. The funny thing is the outcome may surprise you. Who you are right now may change again tomorrow. Life is fragile and situational. Who knows what the next minute may bring. It all starts with your core. What … Continue reading Choose Well