Family Spirit

A friend once said that she loved my family spirit. Her statement made me think about a team and how the crowd cheers but no one in the crowd really knows the players. They have their faces painted, shirts with the teams name and cheer them on with dedication. Nobody is paying these people, instead they pay to see them play. This is very interesting I thought.

However in reality the crowd at work, school, church etc they dont know you and will not be cheering for you with dedication. In the real world all you have is your team which is your family. When nobody is there for you your family always come through.

Support is essential in life. Sometimes you may feel as if you have no friends and maybe that is true but you can never say you don’t have a family. Well the answer to that may vary by each individual but more than likely no you can’t say you don’t have family.

If you still have parents that are alive or have siblings that live close visit them more often or call. Life is to short and you can learn alot from people that truly care about you. Growing up as an only child I realized how lonely life could be. I made a promise to myself that if I got married to have more than one child and I did, I have three.

The love and support that they give each other now is something I have grown to love. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am a promoter of all things family and I celebrate every moment. So yes I do have family spirit and I will always cheer for my team because they are always cheering for me.IMG_20150516_085511