Thrown off Balance

I’ve worked all my life since the age of 13 so when I took off for 7 yrs to take care of my kids until they were all school age it made a lot of sense. Childcare for 3 kids afterschool while I worked would take most of my pay check. However, when all 3 kids were school age I got a job and worked  to pay child care, came home stressed, exhausted and felt like what did I get myself into.

I wasn’t just responsible for my kids but as a wife I needed to spend time with my hubby and also take care of the household, check hw, talk to my children, oh and spend time on me. I thought if I was a teacher it would work well but no I got burned out, my health was decreasing and one of my children had a major medical surprise that stopped me dead in my tracks.

When I was faced with my child’s new medical lifetime adjustment I was happy that we knew how to handle it. Unfortunately, once that was under control another life changing experience would occur causing us to leave our home with clothes on our backs and start from scratch.

I knew God was talking to me through this whole experience. Lord knows I wanted to continue to work but I had to quit and manage our new household, transfer my kids and attend to our new transition as a family. We made it through and we have been blessed. However I was mentally and emotionally drained.

Everyone was adjusted but I was not. I was physically exhausted, financially beaten and felt like sleeping all day. I had to pray more than ever before for strength but mostly balance. I needed to get myself together. I couldn’t be who I use to be.

Lord what now?

Lord what now?

So here I am taking better care of me so I can take care of my kid’s be a happy wife and have a peace of mind. Sometimes in life you have to give something up and look at the big picture. You may feel like superwoman, you may feel invincible but God will put you in check and say relax, take care of yourself and the best is yet to come .