imageI believe fall is a perfect setup for winter. Fall is a preparation season. Think about it. It starts getting a little windy, leaves start to fall, you feel confused about what to wear, and you are waiting for that perfect day when summer is officially over. Well, the wait is over it’s time to put on your boots!

Fall is also a reminder that it may get slightly warm but it will also remind you it’s still not summer. This season represents a change in life as well. If you look at your relationships many friends may not follow you into autumn, they may just fall off. Have you ever wondered why? Well Im here to tell you not to try to investigate the whereabouts of the dissappearing friend.

Some friends are sometimes seasonal employees. Then you have your real friends who stick around for all 4 seasons. In life I found that going with the flow causes less stress. Never chase people, only chase god. If someone wants to be in your life they will be. This applies to all relationships. So if they fall off like leaves shake it off a new season is coming.

Winter is closely approaching and you want to be in good company, warm company that is. You need people around that will sip some hot cocoa and burn some toasty smores around a bond fire. Life is full of wonderful people waiting to meet you. Dont allow a couple of bad apples ruin your infinite possibility of being extremely happy!

You have to remember that sometimes in life things can get cold. There will be times your phone is silent for a brief moment. In time of silence you should use it to reflect on your accomplishments and goals. If you are a religious or spiritual person it’s a time to meditate and clear your mind.

Never miss an opportunity to release things from your life that don’t belong such as people, negativity, bad attitudes and unhealthy situations. Fall is a wonderful season and should be fully embraced as a time of removal, preparation and clarity.