3 things to Remember 4 December

So much has happened this year. Right now it is time to refocus and evaluate what has been learned. Its not a good idea to wait until 2016 to start fresh. You need to start now. Today is your day! There are 3 things that come to mind that can help you progress into greatness.


From the moment you wake up you have to have a talk with yourself about what your goals are for the day. Set the mood by praying, meditation, or a workout. Remember your goals and why you want to accomplish them and what you are going to do today to achieve those goals.


Read a book that inspires you as a person to become more positive or read articles that are closely related to your goals or business plan. It always helps to learn and to be knowledgeable about the best approach to success. Yes reading this counts.


This is a major tool in life in general. As a mom of 3 and a wife I have to schedule my time appropriately. I have to make sure that everyone gets their time with me including myself. That’s right never count yourself out. You have to take care of yourself mentally physically and emotionally before you can help or assist anyone else. Oh but wait, also make sure the wrong people are not getting your time. If you constantly feel distracted and are not reaching your goals because you don’t want to let your friends down, now is the time to stop. Your goals are more important then what others think about you.


Now that you have read what may work for you if you implement these 3 things you are on your way to success and a much more focused life.