Balance Beam

I use to love watching the Olympics especially when the gymnast would do their balance beam routine. I would pray please dont fall and have a solid dismount. You would think I was the coach but no just a concerned fan.

I always felt that life could be dipicted as a balance beam routine. You try to stay balanced sometimes you may fall but you get back on and start again. The goal at the end is to land safely and not fall when completed.

I know sometimes life can throw you off balance and it may take you awhile to get back on the beam.  You may feel so discouraged and avoid getting back on. Only to wander and procrastinate and continue to live your life in fear.

Mistakes are great! Failure is inevitable. How will you ever learn to be your best if you dont know who you are at your worst? You should know who you are and what you are capable of. The universe will only give you what you put out there.

So if you get off the beam and don’t have the confidence to get back on because you feel people will not support you or you feel embarrassed. Always remember from the beginning to the end its all on you. You never see two people on a balance beam,  just one.

You are the support, you are the routine, you are the landing, you are the one and only person that can finish this. Nobody can do it for you. So if you want to see what you’ve got and if you can survive anything life throws at you. Get back on the beam and try again.

Before you start your routine close your eyes and see yourself succeeding. Now open your eyes and go for it and take your time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. What matters is that you finish and finish strong.


Stay positive and keep the faith.