Are you minding your Business?

It’s very unfortunate when people loose themselves to goals to enhance others. Meanwhile they try to convince people on a daily basis to buy into their dream. In the big scheme of things they fail to water their own yards in belief that doing a landscape for someone else will make their yard look great in the long run. However, if you are busy working on their yard who is working on yours?

Imagine if they were as dedicated to promoting themselves as they were a business they did not create and leave a legacy for their children to inherit. Wow, imagine that. That would be amazing.

Anything you work hard on if it is not transferable is pointless and a quick fix. Easy money will not last. If the company you promote goes out of business guess what, so do you. So the question is, are you minding your own business? Are you creating your own brand? What are you doing that will inhance you financially on your own?