It’s not THEM It’s YOU!

The process of elimination creates a simpler equation, you do the math. Life is all about growth and sometimes in order to see new fruit we have to plant different seeds. However you still need to tend to the seeds you’ve already planted but know that it’s time to build a forest. Do not remain in the shade of the tree that you have grown comfortable leaning on.

You begin to wonder at a certain point in life as things start to change dramatically. I mean one day you have a few good people around you and they all disappear, or did you disappear. A lot of times people just can’t put their finger on the shift in life that’s occurring so they begin to blame others. No it’s not them it’s you. Believe me I know.

You are changing and so are your needs. Who you associate with, where you go, what you do becomes evident as you withdraw from the old and develop a new sophisticated approach on life. It’s called growing up.

You begin to look through your Social Media pages and start clicking delete. The content you use to view as entertaining has now become redundant, irrational or irrelevant. You need more positivity and crave for substance. Yes, you are becoming an individual with a peculiar selection of who you are connected to and want to be surrounded by. You want to be associated with people who have things in common with you.

It’s ok to reevaluate your environment and your circle periodically to remain focused on your goals and not get sidetracked by distractions. You have to accept the change that you are going through and learn how to plant new seeds, create new ideas, meet new people and love yourself just the way you are.

Don’t worry about those who can’t accept you for who you are becoming. The right people will stand by you, elevate you and may even plant a seed or two just because you are you. Blessings come through people, the right people. So make sure you come out of the shade so others like you can see your light. You are getting ready to enter another level in your life. Celebrate your change!


Live life Uninterrupted