Be Yourself.

Who you are is the person that shows up when adversity hits. The situation of problem solving determines who you are. How you react to your issues determines the short or long term solution/problem as a result.

Who you want to be is the person you fight for everyday. We all want to be happy, strong, successful and intelligent etc. Circumstances that we place ourselves in or face inadvertently shape us daily. Again the reaction to the hours, minutes and seconds of every breath of life causes another reaction.

The person people see us as is merely perceived by each individual differently based on their vision. If they can see clearly your character will be determined by what you have contributed to the world. If their vision is skewed they will dissect how you can benefit them. If they are blind they could care less who you are or will become.

The only view that matters is yours.    You are unique to your own puzzle. Only you can solve it and put the pieces together. Anytime you get sidetracked from being or becoming who you are suppose to be in this world you will be met with various situations to get you back on track.

When you finally reach your destination you will say, “Wow, now I understand why all of that happened.”

Until then, be unapologetic in who you are becoming. You are currently in progress of your process and anything other than being you is simply not true.

Live life Uninterrupted.