Tomorrow is my 35 th birthday! Wow, what an awesome journey it has been.  I can honestly say with enthusiasm that even with the good and bad everything works out in the end.  Here are 35 reasons to be happy because life is truly what you make it! You are amazing. You are alive. People … Continue reading 35 REASONS TO BE HAPPY


You never failed. You are Learning.

Nobody is perfect, no matter how pretty pictures and post may seem. We are all going through something we just keep it private.  The people who hurt the most are those who are silent. You may feel like you are failing at times but you are just going through a process, a transformation of understanding. … Continue reading You never failed. You are Learning.

Change your filter

I know we are all guilty of trying to get a perfect picture. When you want to post a picture you may want it brighter, darker or clearer.  It all depends on what your intentions are and how you want the picture to be projected to others. Well filters also apply to your life and … Continue reading Change your filter

You are gifted

A lot of times in life we have something in us that someone is waiting for us to share.  We are unaware that until we give our gifts to others the universe is at a standstill and we are inadvertently suppressing a piece of a puzzle. Your gift can be unkown to others and you … Continue reading You are gifted

Who wants this house? 

Are you ready? Are you ready to make The Big Move? A lot of times in life you need to make changes on the inside before you can focus on the outside.  We have a lot of clutter from the past and when we plan our move we don't want to bring old furniture that … Continue reading Who wants this house? 

20 things you should do to be happy

Have you reached a breaking point? Have you felt like you keep making the same mistakes? Well, I'm here to tell you that you are on the verge of insanity and doing the following may help. Stop blaming others for your mistakes Change yourself and the people around you  Complete daily tasks that will benefit … Continue reading 20 things you should do to be happy

How to eliminate negativity

If you are so positive and have ambition you will eventually or immediately eliminate all negativity around you.  It's true! Try it for a week. They will run. They will hide. They don't know how to process your happiness and it makes them feel irratated.  Who are they?  The negative critics. I say continue to … Continue reading How to eliminate negativity

Here we go again!

So what will be different?  People always say that it's a New Year and things will change.  How will you ensure a long term change with short term effort? I mean yes the gyms will be packed and people will do things differently for a few weeks or days. What will make you keep going?  … Continue reading Here we go again!

Don’t be afraid to be Happy!

Smile! Say cheese, take a pic and cherish every moment in life. When you are surrounded by people who are happy 9 times out of 10 so are you. Now life isn't sunshine and rainbows 24/7 but if you have a good group of individuals around it just might be. Challenges in life should be … Continue reading Don’t be afraid to be Happy!

The Happiest Day of your Life!

When you gain more than a sense of freedom and the urge to just be yourself, congratulations you have finally made it!  You may reach the following realizations: You realize that your inner voice that tells you how you feel about yourself and others is always right.  You are awesome and it just doesn't matter … Continue reading The Happiest Day of your Life!