How to eliminate negativity

If you are so positive and have ambition you will eventually or immediately eliminate all negativity around you. 

It’s true! Try it for a week.

They will run. They will hide. They don’t know how to process your happiness and it makes them feel irratated. 

Who are they? 

The negative critics.

I say continue to thrive and be excited about life. 

You do not need to be around people or situations that breed negativity or gloomy dispositions.
Celebrate life daily because you only have one. 

Everyday will not be a happy day but you have to get through it by thinking about how blessed you are to still be alive.

Realistically you are a phenomenal individual but until you realize your power of thinking and interactions with adversity you will continue to worry.

Life is a daily puzzle that can only be solved by those willing to let go and let life just be. 

If you can’t control it don’t try to mold it.

Live life Uninterrupted!

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