Change your filter

I know we are all guilty of trying to get a perfect picture. When you want to post a picture you may want it brighter, darker or clearer. 

It all depends on what your intentions are and how you want the picture to be projected to others.

Well filters also apply to your life and situations you may face. Your outlook on life and how you approach it can easily be adjusted if you change the filter.

If you want to feel happier change your filter from sad, angry or confused. You are the editor of your feelings. How you respond to life is based on your perception. 

Change your filter, change your life. Everything is based on you. You are in control and only you have the password to access your account which is your life. 

Live your life uninterrupted and always remember to think before you post or think before you react. Everything in life is related you just have to have an open mind.