You never failed. You are Learning.

Nobody is perfect, no matter how pretty pictures and post may seem.

We are all going through something we just keep it private. 

The people who hurt the most are those who are silent.

You may feel like you are failing at times but you are just going through a process, a transformation of understanding.

You may be unclear on how to differentiate between pain and life. 

Life can be painful but you don’t have to accept or relive the pain daily. 

If you put your hand in fire you will never do it again.

So why keep the pain burning inside? 

You are more than capable of controlling your emotions.

Once you experience something that is not pleasurable you should take the initiative to not feel that way again.

You learned what you do not like or want to go through.

You lived to see another day to try again.

So now you have learned. 

If you did not learn that’s when you go through the same pain again.

So failure is a choice. 

Yes I’m afraid it is.

If you continue to do the same thing or think the same way you will fail.

However, if you learn what went wrong and try again you might even fail again but you will not feel the same pain.

You will feel progress. You will be enlightened and can add what not to do to your list.

One day you will get it right.

It only takes a moment in time to discover what works and when you do it will be a remarkable feeling.

Keep learning, never quit and continue to grow.