Tomorrow is my 35 th birthday! Wow, what an awesome journey it has been.

 I can honestly say with enthusiasm that even with the good and bad everything works out in the end. 

Here are 35 reasons to be happy because life is truly what you make it!

  1. You are amazing.
  2. You are alive.
  3. People love you.
  4. People need you.
  5. The world needs your gift.
  6. You have goals to crush.
  7. There is a business in you.
  8. There is a book in you.
  9. Your family loves you.
  10. Your future wife/husband is waiting for you.
  11. Your current wife/husband loves you.
  12. You’ve achieved a lot.
  13. You have a great future ahead.
  14. Dissapointments have been blessings.
  15. You have beat the odds.
  16. Your life is just getting. started.
  17. There are lives that will be changed because of you.
  18. Your ideas will catapult you into greatness.
  19. You are unstoppable. 
  20. Your children look up to you.
  21. Someone is watching you and how you handle adversity.
  22. You are a life changer.
  23. You are great at what you do.
  24. You have a great heart. 
  25. You love to see people happy.
  26. You attract awesome people.
  27. You will never give up.
  28. You have a great personality.
  29. People look up to you and you don’t even know it.
  30. You have a glow that motivates others.
  31. You are unique.
  32. Your creativity is what makes you different.
  33. You stand out in a crowd.
  34. You will never be broke.
  35. You bloom where you are planted and will grow tremendously.

Stay strong! Live your life Uninterrupted! You have a wonderful future ahead of you!