Never stop! Never quit! Be unstoppable. You are an amazing person.  Whatever you want out of life you need to start or continue to take action and get it. Yes, there will be adversity but that will only build your character. Life requires you to live and make decisions. Your decisions will either push you … Continue reading UN•STOP•PA•BLE


Influential Ties

Get uplifted and start connecting with the right people! 2017 is the year of making choices that will catapult your life into greatness. So less talk about what you don't like and start a collaboration with others about what you do like. Some people like money or maybe all but I can certainly tell you … Continue reading Influential Ties

There is No place like home

After closing on our home this Monday I have been at peace. There is nothing better in this world then having a home your family can grow in together and create memories that will last forever. I have learned a lot during the home buying process this time around. The last time we tried we … Continue reading There is No place like home

The Right People will get you

Are you very selective and protective of your personal space, life and time? Well, you should be. The right people will get you and will fit right in.  The Truth Life is too short to worry about what others think about you or how people mistreat you. Life should be what you think of yourself … Continue reading The Right People will get you

My Love story 

February is not just a special month because of Valentine's Day, for me it is a celebration of my wedding anniversary. 11 years ago.... After celebrating our 24 birthdays the same week we decided to get married on the 24th which was a Friday. The number 24 just felt significant at the time. Rewind 10 … Continue reading My Love story