My Love story 

February is not just a special month because of Valentine’s Day, for me it is a celebration of my wedding anniversary.

11 years ago….

After celebrating our 24 birthdays the same week we decided to get married on the 24th which was a Friday. The number 24 just felt significant at the time.

Rewind 10 years back

I met my husband in Highschool and I thought he was a year older than me because he was a year ahead of me. 

However, my assumption was wrong and after staring at each other at lunch for weeks and bumping into him in the hall I realized I was 3 days older than him.

Fast forward 21 years and 3 kids later ………

We just celebrated our 35th birthdays and will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary.

Time flys when you are having fun and have a family. I just can’t believe our children are growing up so fast.

As an only child I never imagined I would be loved so deeply by a young man who I met when I was 14.

I never thought I would have 3 children that look at me with a great expectation and warm hugs everyday.

You see I never knew what love was until I met my best friend who is now my husband. 

I never knew that no matter how crazy I could be someone would still say, stop acting silly because I love you!

So my love story fills me with hope  and I share my love daily through my blogs because life is precious.

I feel like you can’t really grow as an individual until you love yourself and then love others to the core of your soul.

The way my husband and children look at me and make me feel fuels my life, heart and soul. To me that is love.

Have a wonderful month celebrating your story and if you don’t have one remember to make your story great.

Live life  Uninterrupted