There is No place like home

After closing on our home this Monday I have been at peace.

There is nothing better in this world then having a home your family can grow in together and create memories that will last forever.

I have learned a lot during the home buying process this time around.

The last time we tried we didn’t really fight for the home we wanted by getting a second opinion because we were comfortable in our condo.

This time circumstances beyond our control demanded our determination and attention to details that made us fight this time around.

I knew there would be a stipulation. I knew that if we wanted this we had to get a second opinion  and fight.

I’ve been spreading positivity and telling others to fight for what they want so I followed my own advice.

We fought, we conquered and yes we succeeded. 

There is no place like home and as I lay here in my new home that was move in ready just know anything is possible.

No matter what adversity may throw your way just know GOD is real.

He will not only give you double for your trouble but when it’s your time to reap what you sewed the blessings will be unstoppable and so will you.

You are unstoppable! 

Keep dreaming, planning and doing.

You will eventually succeed.

Never give up on you! 
Live Life Uninterrupted.

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