Influential Ties

Get uplifted and start connecting with the right people!

2017 is the year of making choices that will catapult your life into greatness.

So less talk about what you don’t like and start a collaboration with others about what you do like.

Some people like money or maybe all but I can certainly tell you that opportunity comes through people.

People are the fuel to any business and basically anything you do.

The question is who are you connected to? 

Could your association with certain individuals be hurting your business or helping your business?

Also on a personal level:

Who do you consult with about major decisions and can get constructive criticism?

Growth and maturity comes through trial an error. However, choices are made daily by who you invest your time in.

Today connect with new people. 

Use your social media platform to engage with progressive people.

There is a big world out there and someone is waiting on you to connect with them so that they can grow!

Have an awesome day and be great.

Live Life Uninterrupted 

SonyaMyan: FB/IG

@sonyamyan130 Twitter