Spring into Action

Spring is finally here! It's your time right now to start, keep going and allow your goals and dreams to blossom. Flowers can't grow if you don't plant the seeds.  Plant your seeds today!  Spring into action! SonyaMyan:FB: IG Twitter: @sonyamyan130 Live Life Uninterrupted.


This is all about YOU

It's time. It's time to stop playing games and become who you know you can be! If you have goals take a step today towards making it happen. Nobody is stopping you but you. No one can make you not want to do something.  You consciously make a choice not to. It doesn't matter where … Continue reading This is all about YOU

Nobody can be you

No matter how hard anyone tries they can never be you. People will always try to do what you do until they do what you do. They have  no idea the price you had to pay to get to where you are. Everyone has their own path and you need to continue to do what … Continue reading Nobody can be you

Alignment with Your Assignment 

Get ready.  This will be a lonely ride....... because only you have the key to this vehicle. When you were born you were alone. When you die you will also be alone. In between you will enjoy life with those you love. However, now that God has your attention it's time to take that drive. … Continue reading Alignment with Your Assignment 

THE Spectacular Disaster

Right at this very moment,  you are wondering what can be  spectacular about a life drowning  in turmoil  well that's how it starts.  Great things are about to happen  when disaster strikes so  congratulations in advance. You are currently in a preparation stage.  Basically you are in training.   Adversity will teach you patience and … Continue reading THE Spectacular Disaster