Alignment with Your Assignment 

Get ready. 

This will be a lonely ride…….

because only you have the key to this vehicle.

When you were born you were alone.

When you die you will also be alone.

In between you will enjoy life with those you love.

However, now that God has your attention it’s time to take that drive.

You have to open the door, sit in your seat and start the ignition.


Never ride.

Don’t worry about what others think, say or feel.

This is not about them.

It never was.

Your purpose has arrived and in order to reach your destination no one else can be with you.

You know what you love.

You know how you feel.

Stop shrinking to fit others expectations.

Be great!

Be unstoppable.

Live your dream.

Only you know what that is.

You can do it!

Live life Uninterrupted!

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