You deserve your own attention! Pay attention.

The moment you realize you are the root you will begin to water yourself and nurture you.

If you neglect yourself, you will neglect others that are important in your life as well.

You are not responsible for the feelings and emotions of people who do not contribute to your life.

They are dead weight and have no purpose.

Embrace those who are there for you through ALL of your phases of life.

When you begin to focus on your soul, body and mind you will be able to see and think clearer.

If you are a parent then your focus should be on your kids. 

If you are a college student then your focus should be your graduation date.

Whatever your goals are in life you have to follow through in order to succeed.

You can no longer neglect yourself and whatever is important to you because of how you feel.

Don’t allow the way you feel get in the way of thinking clearly.

You need to base your actions on facts.

The facts are:

You are important. 

You need to value yourself.

Your  time is valuable don’t waste it.

You need to support those who support you.

You should always take care of yourself.

Never entertain nonsense.

You are an amazing person!

If you fail to:

Realize how awesome you are!

Understand that wasting time and energy on things of no importance is unhealthy!
Stop bad connections immediately.

Let go of people that have no future.

You will become stagnated.

Stagnation leads nowhere.

Keep moving, keep doing, continue to crush your goals and stay consistent.

Never stop loving yourself. 

Always put yourself first and never quit achieving your goals.

Live life Uninterrupted!⚓️💐