Turn on your location

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She is Immune Part 1

The painful words pierced her chest missing her heart nonetheless. She was immune and soon the realization of her painful past will surpass the wrath of those in her path. She is immune. She's already been bruised. She realized a long time ago she could only count on the sun and moon. By: Sonya Rustin 

Why wait? 

We have all at some point said or heard someone say I can't wait until _______ happens and then I will be happy. What?  Why? Be happy NOW! The question is..... What are you waiting for? Why are you waiting? Who said wait? Oh. You said wait. You are placing limits and guidelines on your … Continue reading Why wait? 

When did you stop?

When did you stop Living, Caring, Or just Being you? Life can get busy as we all strive to succeed pay bills, cater to our relationships, take care of our families and many other responsibilities that are to long to list.  However, when do you take the time to focus on yourself and become the … Continue reading When did you stop?

May Memories (My preemie experience)

Maybe May is very memorable to me. 12 years ago this month I was a successful college student working at the Board of education for Prince George's County Public schools. I was 5 months pregnant and happy about my future. My daughter was due September 19th 2005!  I was happy and scared at the same … Continue reading May Memories (My preemie experience)

Make May memorable!

This is it!  This is your month.  You have to start it right with the right mindset. Refuse to go into a new month with an old attitude. Negativity should not be welcomed in such a time as this. This is the time when things are blossoming and so will you!  Make sure you start … Continue reading Make May memorable!