When did you stop?

When did you stop



Or just

Being you?

Life can get busy as we all strive to succeed pay bills, cater to our relationships, take care of our families and many other responsibilities that are to long to list. 

However, when do you take the time to focus on yourself and become the person you want to be?

When did you become the last thing on the list? 

After all, in order to be such a busy and giving person of your time your number one priority should be you.

I mean you are awesome and very important to your life because it is your life! Right?

Don’t get so lost in accomplishing goals that have nothing to do with your self growth. 

Happiness is simply fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

Living for others can become a long and painful process of only realizing that life is never about people. 

Life is all about you and the choices you make and the chances you take.

Take a chance and live!

You only have one life.

You only have one chance!

For once, do something you really want to do!

Don’t waste time thinking about what could have been.

Don’t stare at pictures from your past.

Make new pictures.

Live out loud and remember it’s all about you. 

Your happiness and dreams do not depend on anyone but you.

Live Life Uninterrupted!