How to accept the life God has blessed you with

You deserve it all! Everything that has improved in your life is because you were working for it. Don't allow anyone or anything make you feel like you are not qualified or deserve your blessings. People will support you when you are down but when you have been lifted, catapulted and renew your strength you … Continue reading How to accept the life God has blessed you with


The Beauty of Progression

Day after day you are working harder, pushing and clearly reaching your goals.  If not then how can you make that happen? It's simple, just do it.  Pick a goal and complete it. In between that vague statement write down your steps and complete them one by one. No matter how long it takes just … Continue reading The Beauty of Progression

Live your Life in COLOR

Write about the good times in life, the bad times and times of uncertainty.    The best part of life is having a record of things you thought would last forever that are only for a moment.  You will soon realize everything you endure in this life leads to happiness.  Your pain is your story, … Continue reading Live your Life in COLOR