How to accept the life God has blessed you with

You deserve it all!

Everything that has improved in your life is because you were working for it.

Don’t allow anyone or anything make you feel like you are not qualified or deserve your blessings.

People will support you when you are down but when you have been lifted, catapulted and renew your strength you become unrecognizable.

It’s not anyone’s responsibility to support your dreams but you.

You are responsible for your continued growth and happiness.

The right people will get you.

The wrong people will fall into the background and become an audience of spectators.

It’s ok. 

They need to be there. 

That’s their place.

Accept who you are and who you will continue to become.

Never tone down who you are to make others comfortable.

Oh and don’t get comfortable yourself because every level that you reach will break you.

Sometimes you need to be broken in order to be repaired, renewed and adjusted to the new level of opportunity God has for you.

Be strong. Live your Life Uninterrupted and never forget to accept all good things that are in store for you.


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