Enjoy Your Life

It's an amazing day regardless of what is going on.  The fact that we are still here is a sign.  It's a sign that we should live in our present, learn from our past and look towards the future because nothing ever lasts. Be thankful. Live Life Uninterrupted  SonyaMyan


Life Goes On.

No matter what you did yesterday or today eventually it will all pass because Life goes on.  Think about it. Where were you last year today? Exactly. Keep it moving, move forward, and Live Life Uninterrupted. Change Your Life Today Follow me on IG so I can follow you! Follow me on Twitter so I … Continue reading Life Goes On.

Gratitude Attitude 

Be thankful for what you have especially your problems. I'm sure that if you traded your problems with someone else's you would want your problems back. Appreciate the food on your plate. Deal with the cards that you were dealt. Understand that your life is unique and has been created specifically for you by you. … Continue reading Gratitude Attitude 

Independence from the Old You

The only consistent thing in life is change.  You will continue to grow, and have a new understanding based on your experiences. The process will never be easy however it is inevitable. The way you felt yesterday can change in an instant. A new discovery or groundbreaking phenomena may occur and shock your mind into … Continue reading Independence from the Old You