Independence from the Old You

The only consistent thing in life is change. 

You will continue to grow, and have a new understanding based on your experiences.

The process will never be easy however it is inevitable.

The way you felt yesterday can change in an instant.

A new discovery or groundbreaking phenomena may occur and shock your mind into reverse or fast forward.

Let’s fast forward.

The old you has come to an end.

You have finally decided that everything you said you were going to do you are doing.

You have decided that all the people you know are not right for you must be removed so you remove them with no hesitation.

You no longer have a hunch but justifiable evidence to move forward with your departure from the old.

You have chosen to not remain the same.

You are saying goodbye to the old you.

You are saying goodbye to those who you always knew were not on your team.

You have decided to let go of the past.

It’s time!

Now you are no longer distracted.

You are no longer confused.

You feel a whiff of fresh air.

You feel more peaceful because what you allow will continue and you choose peace.

You choose to live the life you always wanted minus the extra sauce.

Sometimes you have to remove the old to launch the new.

Your intuition has always told you something. 

Well whatever that thing may be it’s time to follow directions, pursue your goals and never look back.

Fast forward to your independence from the old you and Live Life Uninterrupted today!


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