2 year Blog Anniversary

Wow. It's amazing how time flys.  After reading all of my own posts I remember each experience that led me to write.  It was my therapy. I recognized growth and I understood my truth. The truth is, life goes on. The truth is you have to pay attention to yourself and most importantly you never … Continue reading 2 year Blog Anniversary


When your DREAMS become your REALITY

Whatever you think about the most will come to pass.  You are a reflection of your thoughts.  Your life is a mirror of your dreams. When your dreams become your reality you have to accept them and move forward.  Don't get stuck. Don't ponder in the thought of I can't believe this just happened, just … Continue reading When your DREAMS become your REALITY

The State of Maturity 

They say maturity starts when drama ends and I agree.  The state of your mind can be influenced by your experiences. If you have experienced setbacks and learned how to get back up, you have evolved into a strong being. You know what it takes to breakthrough. Life has taught you that trouble is temporary. … Continue reading The State of Maturity