Trust your choices

Never doubt yourself! Trust and believe in what you have learned. You will base most of your decisions on past experiences. You are well equipped and have the intuition and discernment to know how you will proceed. Never second guess yourself. Trust that God has placed you in certain places and situations to meet the … Continue reading Trust your choices


The Art of Silence

Through all my successes in life I never talked about them I just crushed my goals. During my senior year in Highschool I was already enrolled at a college so when I graduated I just continued.  I then transferred to the college of my choice without the hassle of the SAT everyone else was stressing … Continue reading The Art of Silence

Feel the Excitement!

Last time I checked I had a pulse.  I'm sure if you're reading this you have one too.  The fact that you are alive means your work on this earth is not done.  Get excited!  Enjoy your life and continue to crush your goals.  SonyaMyan Be Uninterruptible!


A ctivate C onsistency T ime Management  I nvent new ideas V iew your life in the present  A llow change T ake time out for self development  E veryday rebuild Be the change you want to see. SonyaMyan

Create your own Peace

It's your world.  🌎  Unplug.  Take a vacation or just disconnect from all the noise. You are in control of your own life. Create your own peaceful environment by eliminating the things that no longer serve you. Life is to short to waste on things that are not in line with your purpose. SonyaMyan

Focus on You

Don't get caught up trying to make everyone happy.  The only person that needs you the most, is you.  When you are happy your joy will radiate in any environment effortlessly.  Stay focused on you.  SonyaMyan

Pain, Relief & Exhaustion The process during your Breakthrough

She wondered as she got lost in her thoughts, as if something was wrong with her.  Nothing was wrong with her.  However, time after time a sense of dissapointment stared her in the face as a lifelong affliction. Her frustration was combustible but defused by her love for people.  She had to stay positive.  Nothing … Continue reading Pain, Relief & Exhaustion The process during your Breakthrough

5 things you should always do

Take care of yourself Take care of your relationships  Take a vacation  Read a good book Stay active and exercise  SonyaMyan

Accept Change

When you finally accept your new perspective on life with a clear view and peace of mind things will start to change. Anything is possible, it always was. You are just now noticing because you decided to focus on you. Stay focused. SonyaMyan


Meanwhile in my own little world I realized one thing. I was focusing on the wrong things. I somehow got sidetracked. Now I can see clearly. The only thing that should matter in your life is your impact on the people you love and love you. The smile on my children's faces, the look my … Continue reading Acceptance