Pain, Relief & Exhaustion The process during your Breakthrough

She wondered as she got lost in her thoughts, as if something was wrong with her. 

Nothing was wrong with her. 

However, time after time a sense of dissapointment stared her in the face as a lifelong affliction.

Her frustration was combustible but defused by her love for people. 

She had to stay positive. 

Nothing could remove her unwavering faith in life after failure and one day, she won.

She won the battle of getting that one opportunity to catapult her into greatness. 

She was so relieved after relentlessly struggling to get what she thrived for day after day.

She was exhausted but happy, drained but not worried. 

Getting what she wanted took everything out of her. 

So now she has to fill herself back up and help others survive the battle she overcame.

She has to tell others how to rise above the pain and beat the hell out of fear and hit a home run before they strike out.

S 🌻N Y A M 🌷A N


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