The Art of Silence

Through all my successes in life I never talked about them I just crushed my goals.

During my senior year in Highschool I was already enrolled at a college so when I graduated I just continued.

 I then transferred to the college of my choice without the hassle of the SAT everyone else was stressing about. 

I transferred, I had a plan, I completed the plan and walked right over to the Masters department and started taking classes for my Masters before I even walked for my Bachelors. 

I wasn’t motivated I had drive. 

I didn’t talk about what I was doing. 

I didn’t have time to post pics of my every move. I grew up in a time when I actually lived my life and savored the moment with the ones I loved. 

Fast forward. 

My goals changed.

Married with 3 kids later. 

Home ownership was key. 

We didn’t talk about it we just did what needed to be done, stuck with it and bought a house. 

My goals in life are never tied to friends or people that are spectators on the sidelines. 

I crush my family goals. I’m building a future. There is no time for nonsense. 

Now I am living as an example for my children. 

My daughters are looking at me. 

They are trying to figure out how to be woman.

My son is watching my husband and learning how to be a man and how to respect woman. 

My daughters are carefully observing how I respect my husband and what how I handle adversity.

My only goal in life is to be greater than I was yesterday so that I can crush goals today and do even better tomorrow. 

I’m not worried about anything other than growth. 

I don’t want to be associated with anything that is not under construction or striving for a better life. 

I am too focused right now. 

I am not settling for mediocrity.

I can’t because I’m not. 

You see, I know who I am am. 

I am not concerned with who other people are unless they are where I want to be. 

If they want to help me build then great and if not get out of my way while I do. 

Never get comfortable, keep moving and never stop loving yourself, GOD, family and your dreams.

Be Uninterruptible and GET UP!



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