My Parenting View: The beginning can be hard but you will survive 

I'm no expert but after 12 years in the parenting arena I can tell you what I've experienced. First off, let's get one thing straight.  My first pregnancy was the most eye opening experience.  I had a preemie at 26 weeks. It was an emergency c section and she weighed 2.7 pounds and had to … Continue reading My Parenting View: The beginning can be hard but you will survive 


The Beauty of the Unknown

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. -Unknown  Living in suspense can be frustrating or beautiful, it's all about your perception. You can either decide to accept life is a mystery that will always work out or be emotionally unstable the entire way.  I choose acceptance! I refuse to sit around and dismantle the … Continue reading The Beauty of the Unknown

Be Good to Yourself 

Hey!  Your are awesome! You are doing the best with what you have. YOU should be proud of yourself. Don't treat yourself the way others treat you.  Set the standard and don't accept anything less. You are an uninterruptible force that cannot be stopped!  Keep pushing keep thriving because everyday is another chance to win. … Continue reading Be Good to Yourself 

Watch your mouth. 👄 

The words that come out of your mouth will determine the words that describe your life. What are you speaking into existence? What are the people around you saying that you are listening to? Guard your mouth and the words that you use.  Words can build you or break you. Also be very careful who … Continue reading Watch your mouth. 👄 

Be Thankful for every moment

I am truly honored to be where I am in my life right now. There was a time I questioned my journey but I have realized I am right where I need to be. I'm sure there will be plenty more moments of uncertainty born from adversity. Fortunately, I believe you should celebrate every moment … Continue reading Be Thankful for every moment

Beautiful Changes

Change becomes beautiful when you realize it's essential for progress.  You might have had a rough start but the ending will be amazing.  Stay positive.  Plan for your wonderful week ahead and keep a smile on your face. SonyaMyan Follow me on Instagram