The Beauty of the Unknown

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. -Unknown  Living in suspense can be frustrating or beautiful, it's all about your perception. You can either decide to accept life is a mystery that will always work out or be emotionally unstable the entire way.  I choose acceptance! I refuse to sit around and dismantle the … Continue reading The Beauty of the Unknown


Be Good to Yourself 

Hey!  Your are awesome! You are doing the best with what you have. YOU should be proud of yourself. Don't treat yourself the way others treat you.  Set the standard and don't accept anything less. You are an uninterruptible force that cannot be stopped!  Keep pushing keep thriving because everyday is another chance to win. … Continue reading Be Good to Yourself 

Feel the Excitement!

Last time I checked I had a pulse.  I'm sure if you're reading this you have one too.  The fact that you are alive means your work on this earth is not done.  Get excited!  Enjoy your life and continue to crush your goals.  SonyaMyan Be Uninterruptible!


Meanwhile in my own little world I realized one thing. I was focusing on the wrong things. I somehow got sidetracked. Now I can see clearly. The only thing that should matter in your life is your impact on the people you love and love you. The smile on my children's faces, the look my … Continue reading Acceptance 

When your DREAMS become your REALITY

Whatever you think about the most will come to pass.  You are a reflection of your thoughts.  Your life is a mirror of your dreams. When your dreams become your reality you have to accept them and move forward.  Don't get stuck. Don't ponder in the thought of I can't believe this just happened, just … Continue reading When your DREAMS become your REALITY

Enjoy Your Life

It's an amazing day regardless of what is going on.  The fact that we are still here is a sign.  It's a sign that we should live in our present, learn from our past and look towards the future because nothing ever lasts. Be thankful. Live Life Uninterrupted  SonyaMyan

Independence from the Old You

The only consistent thing in life is change.  You will continue to grow, and have a new understanding based on your experiences. The process will never be easy however it is inevitable. The way you felt yesterday can change in an instant. A new discovery or groundbreaking phenomena may occur and shock your mind into … Continue reading Independence from the Old You

Live your Life in COLOR

Write about the good times in life, the bad times and times of uncertainty.    The best part of life is having a record of things you thought would last forever that are only for a moment.  You will soon realize everything you endure in this life leads to happiness.  Your pain is your story, … Continue reading Live your Life in COLOR


Be so passionate about your goals that nothing else matters or exists.  Live Life Uninterrupted  SonyaMyan Follow me on Instagram  SonyaMyan

Why wait? 

We have all at some point said or heard someone say I can't wait until _______ happens and then I will be happy. What?  Why? Be happy NOW! The question is..... What are you waiting for? Why are you waiting? Who said wait? Oh. You said wait. You are placing limits and guidelines on your … Continue reading Why wait?