The Beauty of the Unknown

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. -Unknown  Living in suspense can be frustrating or beautiful, it's all about your perception. You can either decide to accept life is a mystery that will always work out or be emotionally unstable the entire way.  I choose acceptance! I refuse to sit around and dismantle the … Continue reading The Beauty of the Unknown


Pain, Relief & Exhaustion The process during your Breakthrough

She wondered as she got lost in her thoughts, as if something was wrong with her.  Nothing was wrong with her.  However, time after time a sense of dissapointment stared her in the face as a lifelong affliction. Her frustration was combustible but defused by her love for people.  She had to stay positive.  Nothing … Continue reading Pain, Relief & Exhaustion The process during your Breakthrough

2 year Blog Anniversary

Wow. It's amazing how time flys.  After reading all of my own posts I remember each experience that led me to write.  It was my therapy. I recognized growth and I understood my truth. The truth is, life goes on. The truth is you have to pay attention to yourself and most importantly you never … Continue reading 2 year Blog Anniversary

The Beauty of Progression

Day after day you are working harder, pushing and clearly reaching your goals.  If not then how can you make that happen? It's simple, just do it.  Pick a goal and complete it. In between that vague statement write down your steps and complete them one by one. No matter how long it takes just … Continue reading The Beauty of Progression

Live your Life in COLOR

Write about the good times in life, the bad times and times of uncertainty.    The best part of life is having a record of things you thought would last forever that are only for a moment.  You will soon realize everything you endure in this life leads to happiness.  Your pain is your story, … Continue reading Live your Life in COLOR


Be so passionate about your goals that nothing else matters or exists.  Live Life Uninterrupted  SonyaMyan Follow me on Instagram  SonyaMyan

She is Immune Part 1

The painful words pierced her chest missing her heart nonetheless. She was immune and soon the realization of her painful past will surpass the wrath of those in her path. She is immune. She's already been bruised. She realized a long time ago she could only count on the sun and moon. By: Sonya Rustin